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Faries Family : Wesley, Debi, Dilan, Madison Faries

Wesley Faries

Faries Genealogy

For those who found our website by searching for Faries genealogy, Wesley is a descendent of Robert and Hannah Faries:
Wesley Faries >> Floron Clayton Faries Jr (m. Patricia Ann Linscomb) >> Floron Clayton Faries Sr (m. Rachel Ozella Phillips) >> Allen Knight Faries (m. Mattye Lucinda Gates) >> Green C Faries (m. Narcissus Wallace) >> Benjamin H Faries (m. Nancy Mae South) >> Robert Arthur Faries (m. Sarah Hannah Highfield) >> Robert "Esquire" Faries (b.1733 County Antrim, Ireland m. cousin Hannah Faries) >> Alexander Faries (b.1698 County Antrim, Ireland).

Ratcliff Genealogy

Wesley Faries >> Patricia Ann Linscomb >> Mae Lee Ratcliff (m. Robert Custer Linscomb) >> Edward Clark Ratcliff (m. Georgia Ann Williams) >> Carroll Wakefield Ratcliff (m. Mary Eliza Cole) >> Edward D B Ratcliff (m. Sarah Jane Howard) >> William Richard Ratcliff (m. Abigail W. Rice; Abigail is a descendent of Rhys ap Thomas born 1449)

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